From our family to yours, we aim to ensure amazing memories, friendships, and above all, help preserve the island culture we all hold so dear.


Many years ago, after visiting Exuma, a group of family friends asked if they could invest with us in a home. Being residents, builders and businessmen who knew the ins and outs of island contractor culture, one thing became apparent: It was simply more practical and cost-effective for us to just build that home, organize its care and help maintain it. This fact still holds true to this day.

In the years following, we had the chance to share with those friends all the wonderful aspects Exuma had to offer. We taught them to drive boats. We showed them how and where to dive, kayak, fish, surf, and so much more. This led to our epiphany of sorts: After some time and visits to the island, we realized our friends no longer needed our guidance. They were no longer just visitors here. Instead, they had a true understanding of the island and its ways.

Since that experience, we have collectively hosted and assisted countless others in acquiring or building their island paradise, then experiencing and learning about the many unique facets of Exuma. We now invite you to step into our world and let Exuma become a part of your life.